New Pokemon GO leaked footage showcases evolutions

New footage has just leaked from the upcoming mobile game, Pokemon GO, which showcases pokemon evolutions, in this case, the psychic pokemon, Abra, into Kadabra. Check it out above!

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, The Pokemon Company have a few upcoming releases, including Pokemon: Sun and Moon, which are slated for the holiday season. One of the more anticipated projects on the way is Pokemon GO, a mobile augmented reality game allowing players to catch pokemon in the real world.

There's been speculation as to how much of the beloved RPG's mechanics will play into the new game, but the footage recently leaked shows that evolving and training the pokemon you catch will still be a big part of the game experience. Gamer, LorenZo, who got his hands on the beta, unveils how he evolves his Abra into Kadabra using "evolution shards", which are acquired by catching pokemon of the same type. These pokemon will be holding the shards and you can release them once you've collected it, but the grinding aspect will become much more difficult as the shard count increases depending on the next evolution.

Game developer, Niantic, has a pretty strict anti-leak policy, so its possible this footage will be banned in the near future, but if it is, it could be a confirmation that what we're seeing is real and can be considered an early version of what we can expect upon release.


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