Pokemon GO gets new details and screenshots

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has released a bit of information regarding their upcoming mobile game, which has been surrounded by an air of mystery for the most part. Since the initial announcement, Niantic has maintained that players will be able to find various Pokemon in real-life locations, capture, trade and even battle other players. 

In order to find these Pokemon, players will be notified when a Pokemon is close by by a phone vibration. Once in the game, players can throw a Poke-Ball at the Pokemon and attempt to catch it — just like in the leaked gameplay video.

In addition to offering specific Pokemon in different environments, Pokemon Go will feature PokeStops. These 'PokeStop' will  be “located at interesting places such as public art installations, historical markers and monuments” and will offer unique items like Pokemon Eggs that will hatch after the player walks a number of steps, just like in the games! 

Gym battles will help players level up and allow them to catch “more-powerful Pokémon and gain access to more items.” Gym battles will be initiated when players join one of three teams. Once on the team, players will assign Pokemon to an empty gym and attempt to fend off other players. 

Pokemon Go is currently in beta testing in Japan.


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