Nintendo 3DS

Popular legendary Pokemon, Darkrai, being given away at GameStop

Last month, trainers all over the world were able to download the mythical Pokemon Jirachi, completely free via the game's Receive a Gift download feature. This month, you'll have to put forth a little more effort for your free legendary, as the only way to get Darkrai will be stop by your local participating GameStop and ask for a code. I know, hard work right?

Darkrai is known as the Pitch-Black Pokemon who is known to intrude into people’s dreams causing nightmares. Darkrai comes at level 100 with Ominous Wind, Nightmare, Feint Attack, and its signature Dark Void attack along with the Ability, Bad Dreams, which damages sleeping Pokemon on each turn. This is important because the move Dark Void also happens to put opponents to sleep, so the move works perfectly in tandem with the Bad Dreams ability. Because of this, Darkrai is a very popular choice for competitive online battlers.

The giveaway is only running for a limited time, starting today, May 1st and running until May 24th. Given Darkrai's popularity, it would be a good idea to get down to GameStop ASAP before the codes are all gone.


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