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This Machochu figure is the best thing we saw on the internet this week

While The Pokémon Company creates ridiculous Pokémon like the 'Trash Heap' called Garbodor and a 'Key Ring' named Pokémon named Klefki, Pokémon fans are making the Pokémon we not only need, but the ones we deserve.

Machochu, the mashup of Pikachu and Machoke, has been steadily gaining a fanbase overseas. With growing fame and utter neglect from The Pokémon Company, there was only one answer — to create an action figure for the beast of a Pokémon.

Netizen Meetissai took it upon themselves to craft the glorious amalgamation of Pikachu and Machoke. Check out the process behind making this creation here, fair warning the site is in Japanese.

The Pokémon Company has yet to allow Machochu to join the ranks of Pokémon, but as they run out of ideas and allow more trash inspired Pokémon into the generations they will cave in.

They have to, there's no way to deny Machochu. Look at those rippingly back muscles. 

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