DayZ 0.60 updates brings some long awaited changes

The full release for the standalone version of DayZ is a long way away, but the 0.60 update will bring some long awaited changes and marks the start for DirectX 11 and more new content.

The 0.60 update brings the game into the DirectX 11 rendering engine. DircetX 11 has been a long time in the making and players have had to put up with bugs and glitches since the early access release of the game, but with DirectX 11 is easier to work with and will hopefully make development easier which means more content and will fix the many bugs and glitches.

Though the 0.60 update is only available in as an experimental version, not a full "real" update, but with so many players waiting for this update the testing should be done rather quickly. Bohemia is also asking the players to file any and all bugs and other problems they encounter to their forums.

The guys at Bohemia are also pumped for this big update.

As mentioned before, for the arrival of the new renderer, the aim has been at visual parity with the old renderer, and all the guys on the team have worked hard in order to make sure that the launch of 0.60 makes an impact both in terms of performance as well as visuals, and what we hope that you'll focus on for the 0.60 Exp. version will be subjects such as performance issues, visual bugs, U.I. functionality bugs, as well as bugs for the Central Loot Economy (loot zones and items spawns for example).

DayZ has been in early access since 2013 and had one year ago sold more than 3 million copies, a number that probably is higher today, but the slow development has left many wondering if the game will ever be finished. The 0.60 update and the big future development plan shows that the developers has not forgotten about the game.


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