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Koei Tecmo to resurrect Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 in North America

Koei Tecmo recently announced an end to the eight-year Western hiatus of Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The series’ thirteenth installment will release in North America via Steam and PS4 on July 5, 2016.  

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is already available on Steam, but not in English. So, this is not only the first Western ROTTK release since 2008’s Kingdoms 11, but also the official localization of Kingdoms 13.

“Fans of strategy games will find Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII to be a challenging and rewarding blend of deep strategy and historically accurate warfare, regardless of their familiarity with the rich story of the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history,” Koei Tecmo said of the game’s announcement trailer.

The game features over 700 historical characters from China’s Three Kingdoms era, which players can guide through two game modes: campaign mode, complete with custom board and era options; and hero mode, described as “an alternative way to relive the exciting lives and adventures of those heroes before proceeding to leave their own mark on history.”

Source: YouTube

Via: PC Gamer


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