A real-life Jurassic Park has been built for one lucky tortoise

For many years Jurassic Park fans have longed for a billionaire to come along and build them a real-life park, but while that might not have come to fruition just yet, a man has built a replica theme park for his pet tortoise.  

The owner of Louie the leopard tortoise, Oliver Turpin, insisted that he was going to put together a Jurassic Park-inspired enclosure for his rescued pet, so that's exactly what he did! 

As seen in the video above, the enclosure features a huge entrance gate, more or less identical to the one used in Steven Spielberg's hit movie. With John Williams' official film score in the background, panned shots of the tortoise's new home, and a few close-ups of the little fella, the video captures everything that is great about this tiny theme park. 

Also, Turpin has included a bathing area for his tortoise, several grazing grounds and a replica discovery center, which seems to be crafted from clay! 

Explaining the build a little further, the Englishman posted the following onto Reddit: “He was ‘rescued’ from a family that really didn’t take good proper care of him, so I am determined to give him a better life now." 

Unlike the original film this enclosure is not inhabited with real dinosaurs, for obvious reasons, so we can only hope that brings potential maintenance for this project down a touch. Or in other words, this more controlled version of Jurassic Park looks safe and sound. 

If you would like to head over to Turpin's YouTube channel for more, click here.

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