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Destiny: The Taken King April Update rolling out; Patch notes here

Update: Known issues with the patch that are currently being investigated

  • Missing Clan tags
  • Missing Sterling Treasure boxes


The highly anticipated April Update for Destiny is finally rolling out across consoles. The update is bringing plenty of new content to game and we finally have the details on exactly what is coming, thanks to patch notes. 

The patch notes offer a detailed look at which armor sets and weapons will support the new Chroma customization (highlights gear in White, Yellow, Blue or Red). In addition to Chroma details, the patch notes have offered a closer look at how Sterling Treasures will function.

Players are guaranteed up to three Sterling Treasures each week after the weekly reset when they do the following: Log a character into the game, complete the Level 41 Prison of Elders and complete a match in the weekly featured Crucible playlist. The Sterling Treasure will contain either Taken Gear (vanity items), Chroma and/or reputation buffs.

Additional Vault Space is coming with the update, bringing the capacity counts up to 108 weapon, 108 armor, and 72 miscellaneous slots, as well as 12 new emotes to the eververse.

On top of all of this, there's new items to earn, new Sandbox and Crucible changes, an updated Prison of Elders, a new Strike and more. Check out the details in the patch notes on the following page!

If you want to know how this update compares to The Division big April update, head here.





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