Halo's Master Chief takes on Skyrim's Dovahkiin in GTA V fan-made video

Comparing the qualities of different video game characters is a part of what makes gaming great, and now one YouTuber is throwing both The Master Chief and Dovahkiin into the grandest colosseum of all to do battle – the streets of Los Santos. 

In this phase one video, which can be found above, not only do we see a face-off between two iconic characters from very different genres, a dragon enters the world of Grand Theft Auto.

The video shows a rather epic face-to-face encounter but ends abruptly in typical 'cliff hanger' fashion. For those that are interested in seeing what happens next we can confirm that the next video will be released within the next two months, after speaking to the creator of the video yesterday. 

If you would like to check out more videos like this one above, head over to Adam Pinkman's YouTube channel by clicking here.



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