New Assassin’s Creed busts immortalize Altair and Ezio

Ubisoft today unveiled the latest additions to its “Ubicollectible” merch line: five miniature busts of Assassin’s Creed protagonists Altair and Ezio.

The busts come in bronze and colored editions, all sized at 7.5” x 5.5” x 3” (H x L x D), and are now available for pre-order through the Ubiworkshop store, along with the newly released “Leap of Faith” Ezio figurine. Here’s a summary of the details for all five:

(Character – Edition – Price – Quantity Printed)

Altair – Bronze – $49.99 – 250

Altair – Colored – $39.99 – 500

Ezio – Bronze – $49.99 – 30 (sold out)

Ezio – Colored – $39.99 – 90 (sold out)

Ezio (Older) – Colored – $39.99 – 500

Assassin’s Creed bust pre-orders will start shipping this July. The “Leap of Faith” Altair figure, which seems to make up for Ezio’s third bust, is already available for $59.99.

Source: Ubiworkshop

Via: GameInformer


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