Original Snake voice actor won't ever play Metal Gear Solid 5, calls it humiliation

For fans of the Metal Gear Solid games the voice of David Hayter is a known and loved voice. He started with the series from The first Metal Gear Solid game back in 1998 to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker in 2010, then he wasn't in Metal gear Solid 5 for some reason. David Hayter has via a podcast with Gameinfomer  shed some light on why he stopped being the iconic voice.

Apparently it wasn't his choice, ever since Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater they were looking for someone to replace him Hayter said “I had to re-audition for Metal Gear 3 to play Naked Snake, they made me re-audition to play Old Snake, and the whole time, they were trying to find somebody else to do it."  Kojima even asked Kurt Russell to voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3 but he didn't want to, so Hayter go the job in the end.

Kojima wanted a Hollywood actor to voice Snake and for Metal Gear Solid 5 he got his wish with  Kiefer Sutherland. Hayter didn't even get to officially know that he wouldn't be back in the recording booth again, he found out unofficially from one of the games producers.

Understandably David Hayter wasn't too happy about how it all ended for him, he said

"It was annoying to me, because I thought that I had given a lot to the series and really helped promote it. I don’t have any ill will toward Kiefer Sutherland or anything like that. The whole thing could have been handled better and a little more respectfully, but I’m not going to cry about it."

Hayter will also never play Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain as it would feel like "60 hours of humiliation."

David Hayter also extinguishes any hopes fans had of him and Kojima working together again now that Kojima is a free man "I’ve got no particular love for Kojima.  I don’t feel any need to go back and work with him again."

Sources: vg247 and Gameinformer


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