See Dark Souls’ opening area recreated as a real-life model

For most Dark Souls fans, Firelink Shrine was the first unforgiving stepping stone in Lordran, the geographical heart of the realm nestled between the decaying Undead Burg, skeleton-infested Catacombs and drowned remnants of the New Londo Ruins. For imgur user maglux13, it was an idyllic setting crying out for a LEGO toy set-esque model.

Maxlux’s model offers a limited but faithful recreation of the immediate spawn point of Firelink Shrine. The gang’s all here: the eponymous bonfire, the withered tree, the crestfallen soldier and even the incarcerated Firekeeper. No giant serpents or crows to be seen, though.

At the center of it all is a Chosen Undead sporting what appears to be a set of Elite Knight Armor, suggesting Maxlux’s protagonist chose the Master Key as his starting gift and slipped into Darkroot to nick some better armor.

The full image gallery for Maxlux’s creation shows rich detail in the moss and stone of the model, but offers little in the way of foundational details. At a glance, it seems to be roughly 12 inches across and 9 inches high, and to have been sculpted from plaster or clay molded over a wooden frame.

Source: Imgur

Via: Twitter


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