Classic N64 great, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire now available as downloadable PC title

I don't know about you, but in my humble opinion…this will be a day long remembered. OK, maybe not by the masses, but for fans of classic Star Wars games (especially those on the Nintendo 64), Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire as a PC digital downloadable title is a huge deal. GOG.com announced today that the game is available for purchase for the meager price of $5.99 just in time for Star Wars Day. The game is currently running a launch sale, taking 20% off, making it $4.79.

In Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, you take on the role of Dash Rendar, who (more or less) played the handsome rogue Han Solo role during the events that took place in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi while Solo was encased in carbonite. 

Here's GOG.com's official description of the game.

The fight will take Rendar, his co-pilot droid Leebo, and his trusty spaceship The Outrider through iconic locations where Star Wars™ history was made. Whether he is taking down AT-ATs on Hoth, fighting off assassins sent after Luke Skywalker, or dueling Boba Fett, the adventures of Dash evoke that unmistakable Star Wars™ vibe that quickly turned him into a fan favorite. Because once you've experienced the varied gameplay and atmospheric cutscenes telling the story of Dash's struggle against the villainous Prince Xizor, you can't help but feel that his exploits are a significant part of the epic saga.

Shadows of the Empire was available on PC during the 90's but copies of the game are both rare and expensive to come by, so by comparison, six bucks is chump change.

Star Wars Day is going to be a big deal in gaming, as Battlefront, The Old Republic and even Galaxy of Heroes are all getting a slew of in-game bonuses, so don't forget to take advantage of them.

Source: [GOG.com]


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