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Copies of Uncharted 4 hit the streets two weeks before release

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is scheduled to release on May 10th, but pictures of Uncharted 4 in the wild are already popping up on social media. Someone messed up.

Though the game has yet to make it's official release it has already begun showing up in the hands of people across the UK and Germany. It isn't simply 'mom and pop' stores that are giving the game out early, some of the people who ordered from Amazon are also getting their copies early. This isn't just a few days early, this is two full weeks early.

Independent reports from both and tell that both Amazon Germany and Amazon US have already sent out copies to those who pre-ordered. spoke to a UK customer who bought the game in-store yesterday, on the 25th. The customer went into CEX to buy a camera lens, but saw that Uncharted 4 was available for sale behind the counter. When he asked for it the clerk just handed it to him, two weeks before release. After testing the game he said that game is running fine, no major framedropps, the multiplayer isn't available yet, neither are trophies, and the Day One DLC is also not available yet, but the single player campaign is working as intended.

With people getting their hands on Uncharted 4 spoilers will surely start to show up, so if you want to avoid them then you better start practicing your Spoiler-Fu.

This major screw up might be because of confusion brought on by the release date changing from April 26th to a later date and the stores forgot to update the release date, but this theory is not yet confirmed.

The rest of us has to wait patiently for the official release on May 10.


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