Dark Souls 3 glitch causes revealing wardrobe malfunction

From Software’s Souls games are known for their difficulty, but also for their inexplicably detailed character creator. Why put so much effort into designing a character whose face and form you will barely see, let alone recognize, under heaps of equipment? Why put sliders on attributes like gender and nose bridge width? Why pick anything but the bottom-heavy/big-head combo?

These questions may never satisfactorily be answered, but thanks to a new Dark Souls 3 graphical glitch, we do have a sound answer to one important question: Why spend time customizing your character’s build?

Because you can see their butt, that’s why, and you want that thing lookin' nice.

Evidently, crouching and bowing animations clash with certain armor in Dark Souls 3, to revealing results. The avatar model clips through robe models, revealing some surprisingly shapely bums. Have a look:


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