Dark Souls 3 next update detailed; First DLC pack coming in Fall

Earlier this week, Dark Souls 3 officially made its world-wide debut on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Regardless of how recent the game's release was, players are already looking towards future DLC for the game. 

From what we know, Dark Souls 3 will be receiving two post-release content updates as part of its DLC plans. The DLC has been teased to be "epic" and will feature new maps, bosses, enemies, armor and weapons. Of course, the DLC will come at a cost, a Season Pass is available for $24.99 and the standalone purchase price has not been confirmed.

However, this Fall we can look forward to the first bit of DLC for freshly released game (via VideoGamer).

Prior to the DLC's release, an update to the game is coming on April 18th at 2am PST ( 5am EST / 11am CEST). It has not been confirmed if the update will be across multiple platforms or if it will only be available on PC as the information was posted on Steam.

The developer detailed what the update would cover in a Steam post, as seen below:

  • Performance adjustment for “Greatsword”
  • Battle performance adjustment for “Dancer’s Enchanted Sword”, “Winged Knight Twinaxes”
  • Performance adjustment for “Soul’s Greatsword”, and “Farron Flashsword”
  • Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at “Road of Sacrifices”, “Farron Keep”, “Cathedral of the Deep” after clearing the game.
  • General balance adjustments and bug fixes


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