Dark Souls 3 patch goes live today, brings balance to weapons and fixes minor bugs

Dark Souls 3 has been out for a week now and it has been getting great reviews while breaking all sorts of records. However, there are some bugs that need fixing and Bandai Namco is already on the case.


Patch 1.04 (PS4 and Xbox One) and 1.03.1 (PC) will be deploying later today. It will be bringing many fixes to the overpowered weapons in the game like the Greatsword and Farron Flashsword.


To get the full list of changes checks down below:


• Performance adjustment for Greatsword.

• Battle performance adjustment for Dancer’s Enchanted Sword and Winged Knight Twin axes.

• Performance adjustments for Soul’s Greatsword and Farron Flashsword.

• Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep, Cathedral of the Deep after clearing the game.


These fixes are great, but Souls players will have to be waiting a little while longer for multiplayer problems. From Software did manage to issue an apology on the matter.


“Password matching done under the following conditions may result in an extended amount of time required for the match to complete,” the developer said. Many players are signed in the corresponding area. There is a large gap between the levels of the players who are using the password.”


Did the patch fix what you wanted? Let us know in the comments below!



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