DOOM multiplayer progression and customization detailed

With DOOM’s multiplayer beta now well underway, Bethesda today unmasked the player customization and progression that will be available in the full game when it launches later this summer.

DOOM sports over 300 pieces of armor, which can dyed in over 90 primary and secondary colors available in more than 50 patterns. Little touches like matte or gloss finishing, lighting colors, and wear (i.e. dirt, scratches, etc.) are the icing on the cake. Weapon customization is comparably detailed, with over 96 colors and 60 patterns to work with.

Naturally, players will want an effective, mocking way to flaunt their character’s appearance. DOOM’s got you covered with 125 “unique and showy” taunt animations. Four taunts can be equipped at a time, including such classics as “Make it Rain,” “Dirt off Your Shoulder” and “The Carlton.” (Also: 125 taunts? Yeesh, you know they weren’t paying that animator by the hour.)

The game will also have its own prestige system: echelons. There will be 10 50-level echelon ranks at launch, each rank adding new cosmetics to your repertoire. Jumping to the next echelon will not reset unlocked gear, which is convenient indeed given the litany of gear in DOOM. You can view the full laundry list over on the Bethesda blog.

DOOM will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 13. 

Source: Bethesda 


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