DOOM's Open Beta is getting slammed on Steam

The internet sure loves to blast whatever it can get its hands on. The same appears to be true for Bethesda's upcoming DOOM reboot on Steam. Over the last four days, DOOM's Open Beta has accrued over 12,000 user reviews on Steam and only 38% of them are positive.

There are a few notable consistencies in the feedback and they are as follows:

  • Player movement is lethargic
  • Weapons feel weak, resulting in more bullet spongy enemies
  • Weapons are no longer found/earned on the map, instead the game gives players loadouts
  • The speed of the matches is slow as well. The game doesn't have that classic controlled chaos of older ID games.

There are also quite a few of the dreaded "this was made for consoles" remarks that are sure to draw the ire of Xbox and PlayStation fans alike.

If you're interested in checking out the user reviews for yourself, you can check them out here.


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