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Final Fantasy 15 PC version still a possibility, director says

Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata feels “quite positive” about a PC version of FF15.

In an interview with French gaming site JeuxVideo (translated by Nova Crystallis), Tabata outlined his thoughts on a potential PC port, affirming that he would want FF15 PC to be “more technically developed” should it happen at all. The goal would be to incorporate elements that were off-limits on PS4 and Xbox One due to technical limitations, he said, and to offer something far beyond “a simple port of the console version.”

Notably, neither Square Enix nor Tabata himself have officially confirmed a PC version of FF15. With that said, there is clearly interest in the idea, and in the past Tabata has stated he would like to work with Steam at some point. Still, take everything with a grain of salt.

Tabata’s teaser regarding FF15 DLC was more concrete. According to JeuxVideo, the game’s DLC plans will be announced “later this summer.” Evidently, Tabata and his team are planning to deliver more than “basic downloadable content” with add-ons that “extend the gaming experience and ensure that players continue to play.

The claim echoes what we heard in our interview with Tabata, namely that the team behind FF15 is looking to create opportunities for people to play and replay the game in new ways. FF15’s new game plus mode is a solid start on that front, but it seems there’s more in store.

Source: JeuxVideo

Via: Gematsu


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