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Final Fantasy XV has to sell REALLY well just to break even

In a press conference this morning, Final Fantasy XV's Game Director Hajime Tabata announced that the game will need to sell 10 million copies worldwide over the lifespan of the game, just to recoup the massive amounts of money that Square Enix has invested in the project.

For some 10 million may not seem like a lot, but think about it this way; that's twice as many units as both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt AND Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, arguably the two best games from last year, have sold individually. Also, in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, only Final Fantasy VII has matched that number.

Clearly, Square Enix has got a lot riding on Final Fantasy XV, and with all of the announcements made over the last 24-48 hours, the company is clearly all in. One also has to wonder if all the Hollywood talent that signed on for Kingslaive (who aren't doing anything but the movie) factors highly into this as well.

Time will tell.

Source: [Kotaku UK]


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