Fox News calls out The Division nerfs

Fox News has painted a number of entities their enemy and while they have targeted video games for their violence from time to time – they have never targeted a game for nerfs… At least until Fox News' Red Eye host Andy Levy was given the opportunity to have a small rant.

During a segment aimed at informing 18-year-olds what skills they need to have, Levy read off bullet points written by Julie Lythcott-Haims. One of Haims' bullet points was that every 18-year-old should now how to level a character in The Division.

"Be able to level up your character in the Division," wrote Haims – to which Levy added:  

"Despite the way Massive nerfed the crafting system and allows packs of super-geared Rogues to gank you in the Dark Zone – thanks a lot, jerks."

Levy's funny little addition to the the list had the rest of the Fox News team uncomfortably laughing on the side. 

[VG 24/7]


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