Has this gamer found Fallout 4's mysterious terminal?

Fallout 4 is very much a game for explorers and the pesky folk at Bethesda love to hide a lot of things for us to find, however one well-known gamer might well have made the impossible, possible. 

People have been searching high and low for what Todd Howard described as 'undiscovered' secrets and now a gamer called Lavonicus claims to have discovered not only a mysterious terminal on Fallout 4, but every single terminal included in the game. 

You wouldn't be alone in wondering how the hell Lavonicus did it, well, his interview with Kotaku should explain things a bit more. 

He said: "It's not that difficult to do, it just gets extremely tedious. Going from building to building making sure you've explored that building. Exploring outside and around that building."

"I used a grid map…filled in square after square to keep track of where I had been. I also wrote down the name of every building I went into."

Many people consider Fallout games to be such fun because there is so much to explore, so many little things to look out for, and when Lavonicus found out the game had even more hidden gems he seemingly set himself a monstrous task. 

When pressed directly on his response to Howard's teasing comments, he said: “Can I just say, that Todd Howard had absolutely horrible timing when he announced this, well for me at least. I decided I was going to pick up all the items in the game (PS4) and drop them on Spectacle Island to see if I could break my PS4."

“So I literally, had just been everywhere in the game, picking up every little thing. I finished [that], then a few days later TH says ‘There’s a terminal with an Easter Egg in it’. Great, [I had] to go everywhere yet again! ahahahaha.”

If you would like to check out his Steam gallery click here, where you will be able to see all of the different terminals, yes, he also photographed them all for proof! 

Lavonicus is reportedly searching through the images in an attempt to find this supposed 'mysterious terminal.' But if he's found them all, there's a good chance that his 1,364 gallery has the answer – somewhere – it's just a case of yet another tedious task, analysing the images. 



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