PC players suffering game breaking bugs in Dark Souls 3

It is common knowledge that the Dark Souls games are supposed to be hard and unforgiving, but a bug in the PC version makes the game a bit too tough.

Apparently Dark Souls III on PC suffers from a few bugs, some of which make the game unplayable. One of the worst bugs brings a game crashe when players approach the first bonfire. Even if player manages to make it past the first bonfire, the game crashes at Firelink Shrine and sometimes the game just crashes because it feels like it.

These aren't problems that just a few players have encountered, quite a few have been affected by the bugs and crashes. It is fair to say that Dark Souls III suffers from a few stability issues.

There are "fixes" for these problems such as setting the "Lighting Quality to Low", removing the shield when approaching the bonfire, or starting as a Knight. As of now, the "start as a Knight" fix seems to be the best solution.

Bandai Namco is not directly responding to these problems when players present them. Instead, they are redirecting affected customers to their official support page.

Both Bandai Namco and the official Dark Souls page have been quiet about these problems, but since they are game breaking it is safe to say that they are working hard to fix the bugs. Unless they do something like they did with Dark Souls 2 (on th PC), where the durability bug was only fixed in a separate updated version of the game – Darks Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

Source: VG247


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