PSA: You can preload the DOOM open beta now

The DOOM beta has been available to a select few for a little while now, but on April 15 it will be available for everyone on all platforms.

With the closed beta over, Bethesda is looking towards their all inclusive open beta. Fans of the DOOM series will be able to participate in the event beginning this Friday the 15 until it ends on Sunday the 17. Gamers can cut their wait time to access the beta by however long it takes them to download the beta, because preloading the beta is currently available.

Pre-loading the beta is as easy as searching "DOOM open beta" on Steam (or the platform of their choice) and preload it. When the beta has been preloaded it will be ready to be played as soon as the open beta starts on April 15.

There will be a lot of items and features for beta players to test and they only have three days to test it all.

The open beta starts at 00:00 EDS, 06:00 CEST, and ends 23:59 EDS, 05:59 CEST.


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