See Dark Souls 3 speedran in less than 2 hours

Korean speedrunner Jung Ho Min completed Dark Souls 3, the latest in From Software’s now five-strong line of notoriously dense and difficult action-RPGs, in under two hours.

In just one hour and 42 minutes, Min breezed through to the game’s end. Notably, the run falls under the any-percentage class of speedruns, which allowed Min to bypass many bosses and areas entirely. The run was not tool-assisted, however, and any percentage runs are no less credible than the save states one player used to beat the original Dark Souls without being hit.

Min has actually speedran Dark Souls 3 twice since the game’s Japanese launch. His latest attempt shaved 14 minutes off his original time of one hour and 56 minutes. For comparison’s sake: one of the fastest any-percentage runs of the original Dark Souls clocked in at 51 minutes.

Dark Souls 3 will launch in the West on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday, April 12. 

Source: YouTube

Via: Polygon 


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