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Square Enix adds exclusive pre-order goodies for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner and Square Enix has already revealed a few different versions available for pre-order, and now they are adding even more physical items to the pre-orders.

When Square Enix revealed everything people needed to know during their Uncovered event they showed three different versions of the game available for pre-order, all with their own unique items. Now more items are available for those who pre-order via the Square Enix online store.

The items that will be added to all pre-order versions are 5 postcards inspired by Final Fantasy XV. They can only be obtained via the Square Enix store, and like mentioned earlier, they will come with all three versions of the pre-ordered game.

Final Fantasy XV releases September 30 worldwide for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately the game won't come to PC anytime soon.


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