Take a short look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 'Blood and Wine' DLC

Rumors have detailed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's upcoming DLC 'Blood and Wine' to release towards the end of next month, across all platforms. While we have heard plenty of rumors on the expansion and teases at how it will be "better than the main game," we haven't been given a look at the DLC yet.

Fortunately, CD Projekt Red took to GDC 2016 equipped with a short look at Blood and Wine. The video focuses on the dialogue system in Witcher 3, but uses a ungodly short clip of the Blood and Wine.

The text in the video says, "You I do not know, sir, nor seem you a knight, yet I am still profoundly grateful, nay, indebted to your for your succor. This trophy, sir, is yours."

It appears as though Geralt slayed a beast that was proving to be a problem for local guards and got a prize for it.

The Blood and Wine expansion has been detailed by the developers to include an all-new in-game region, Toussaint, and will bring the conclusion to Geralt's story.



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