The Division: Falcon Lost still exploitable after fix

Ubisoft claimed that they had fixed all the problems in the Falcon Lost incursion, the same exploits are still there after the fix as well as a new one.

The Division has not been working smoothly with daily missions being gone, characters being wiped and other various bugs. Ubisoft came out and said that they had fixed the majority of the bugs, but it seems not to be the case.

One of the bigger problems, according to Ubisoft, was the exploiting of the Falcon Lost incursion, people were exploiting the bad programming and item collision to complete the mission. Ubisoft has even stated that they are "looking into what can be done in terms of punishment." for those who uses the exploits.

Then they said that they had fixed the exploits in Falcon Lost, but in a video from Gamespot it sure looks like Ubisoft fixed nothing with the 'fix'. The original wall glitch is still there, as well as a more convoluted exploit where the player has deploy a portable cover at the top of a ladder, go down said ladder, quick run to the cover from down the ladder, while on the ladder unload the weapon that is being held, hold down RT/ R2 when the gun is empty, then climb up and go through the world and up in a no man's land via a non existing ladder. While in the no man's land players can shoot at the APC without any enemies attacking.

Beware in participating in exploits, like mentioned earlier, Ubisoft and Massive are looking into way to punish those who use exploits since it is breaking the Code of Conduct that the players has to follow.


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