The Division giving free Phoenix Credits as compensation for bugs

The Division has suffered from a number of bugs since The Falcon Lost Incursion update on April 12th. Some players lost their characters and others saw their backpack plagued and unable to gather more items. As a result, Ubisoft is handing out free Phoenix Credits to those impacted by the bug.

Anyone who suffered from either of these two bugs will receive 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 each of every high-end crafting material. That's not 10 total, but 10 each of fabric, tools, electronics, weapon parts and division tech. If you were not impacted by the bugs, you can still get some free credits just by logging into the game. Anyone who played this past weekend should receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for the daily challenges not updating. 

Ubisoft made the announcement during the last state of the game Twitch stream and all players should receive the credits within the next two weeks. 

Were you impacted by the bugs? Let us know

Thanks, VG247


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