The Division hit with second maintenance to address revive and talent stack bug

Earlier today, Ubisoft pushed a hotfix onto The Division servers to fix the Falcon Lost Incursion exploit, as well as tweak gameplay. The patch, while fixing the original exploit for the new Incursion, paved way for a new glitch. 

A second patch has been deployed to fix the double revive glitch and the glitch that allowed players to stack talent effects .

Here is the list of changes implemented with the server restart of April 21 (the second hotfix):

  • Fixed a bug where players could revive others twice by holding the Revive key
  • Fixed a bug where Talent effects could be stacked by repeatedly switching the equipped weapon. This should also resolve the recent server instability that was due to the increased traffic generated by this bug.

Luckily for players, Ubisoft has been doing their best in addressing these bugs as opposed to leaving them in the game unchecked.


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