The Division players have killed over 17 billion enemies

Ubisoft today released an infographic outlining the activity of The Division’s many agents, revealing several standout trends in player activity.

Interestingly, over 57 percent of players have kept to themselves and played solo despite The Division’s plethora of opt-in multiplayer queues and activities. The impending addition of Falcon Lost, the game’s first four-man Incursion activity, may very well tip that particular scale.

Solo or not, The Division players have been hard at work massacring the various enemy factions of the game’s wintry New York. Collectively, 17.2 billion enemies have been killed, primarily by AK-47s. It’s not all murder, though: 250 million civilians have also been given soda, candy bars and the like.

Arguably more impressive is the dedication The Division agents have for physical fitness. Even after the fall of civilization, they found the time to fit in 150 million jumping jacks—sporting heavy jackets and hoodies, no less. No wonder they can run indefinitely.

Source: Ubisoft


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