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Uncharted 4 has a great Crash Bandicoot easter egg

Uncharted 4 has an elaborate and playable Crash Bandicoot Easter egg in it, letting players play the legendary game on a Playstation 4 disc for the first time.

This article won't have any story spoilers, but if you want that the full and completely unspoiled Uncharted 4 experience then this is your last chance to turn away.

The Easter egg takes place in a scene where Drake challenges Elena in a video game. Drake picks up the controller filled with confident and the original PlayStation consoles is booted up and the player are put into the Crash Bandicoot main menu.

When the game within the game starts playing the control is switched to the players and he or she has to help crash avoid a boulder chasing him. Crash Bandicoot even come with in-game lives, the boxes and apples, and even accounts for the players score to see if he or she manages to beat Elena.

The video above shows when YouTuber Hexoradon attemptes to beat Elena. But be quick about it, Uncharted 4 is coming out on May 10, in five days, so the video might get removed soon.


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