You can play Dark Souls 3 right now, but it won’t be ‘complete’

Dark Souls 3 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the West on April 12, but the game is already available in Japan. Because of this, loopholes in PlayStation Network and Xbox Live account registration can now be used to access the Japanese version of the game on Western consoles. Xbox users can even play in English.

The trouble is, the digitally imported version isn’t technically finished.

“The international version of the game currently does not have its multiplayer capabilities activated, nor does it include the contents of a planned day-one patch that will deliver further optimization of the game,” publisher Bandai Namco told Polygon. “Players will be able to download the day-one patch on April 12, the official international release for Dark Souls 3.”

The question, then, is are you willing to take a dive on frame rate and content in exchange for early access?

Source: Polygon


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