Batman Arkham Knight: Season of Infamy Review

Rocksteady is one of the most beloved AAA developers in the video game industry right now, not only because they make kick-ass games, but also because they brought the Bat to life like no other game could.

Batman Arkham Knight was the epitome of all the hard work for the last 10 years, it had a massive open world, a great well-rounded story, and the ability to finally drive the Batmobile! It is definitely one of the best games of 2015, even though the PC version is still a little wacky.

But when you start talking about DLC for Arkham Knight you might have an altered perspective. So far the DLC for Arkham Knight was very disappointing, from Batgirls roughly 1-hour playtime to Nightwing’s 20-minute runtime, Rocksteady tends to make weak DLC. 

Season of Infamy delivers on some points, but still lacks the 'oomph,' let's take a look at both its positives and negatives…





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