Destiny: The Taken King Review

Destiny has been treading water for months. After riding a wave of hype through an explosive, albeit deeply flawed launch, the game stalled with the release of its first DLC, The Dark Below. The House of Wolves followed soon after, but quickly spent its novelty and lost its luster. Things were getting better, but they weren’t getting different. Inevitably the hook of RNG started coming loose, and the once invitingly monolithic to-do list grew stumpy. Destiny needed a pick-me-up.

Boy, has it found one. Destiny’s latest release, The Taken King, radically rearranges nearly every aspect of the game. Archaic fundamentals have been brought up to speed or replaced entirely. The overarching mythos has tighter stitching. The new stuff is in a class of its own but has improved original content with its arrival. This is hardly an expansion, let alone DLC. The Taken King is closer to a reboot, a ground-up overhaul of Bungie’s blue-sky project.

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