Forza Motorsport 6 Review

Since 2005, Turn 10 Studios has been tasked with producing a racing simulator for Microsoft, to rival Sony's Gran Turismo. I remember playing the very first installment on the original Xbox. Now, 10 years later, on its sixth iteration, Forza Motorsport 6 is as refined as ever, offering an incredibly diverse list of cars, all of which are meticulously detailed down to the AC controls. At first glance this might seem quite daunting, especially to casual racing fans, but Turn 10 has proved that no one should be left out when it comes to playing their game.

This has been true since Forza Motorsport 3, which made its debut on the Xbox 360. Much like Forza 5 on the Xbox One, it brought a lot of refinements to the series, but the most notable, was the ability to toggle various assists. This allowed players to tailor their gameplay in ways that were never really imaginable in a racing title before. This meant hardcore sim fans could turn everything off and experience a nail biting race that relies in pure skill, and it also meant that you could give grandma the controller and turn on everything from steering to breaking assists, meaning she mostly just had to hold the gas down for most of the time. I would normally never say this about a racing simulator, but it's kind of the perfect family racing game as well.

This year though, Forza Motorsport is bigger and better than ever. With its absolute insane car roster of over 460 cars to collect (gotta catch 'em all), you'll be hard pressed to find your favorite. Not to mention that every car certainly feels different when behind the wheel, make for a truly unique experience, each time you take the track with a new purchase.

The biggest feature, which makes quite a noticeable difference in gameplay, are puddles. Yep, puddles are what Forza Motorsport 6 players will be talking about. Not the car count, the great physics, the impressive engine sounds. Puddles. It seems trivial but they completely change the way you race during rain now. You heard right people, puddles are a game changer in Forza 6.

So let's check out where Turn 10's improvements were for the better, and where some of the new design choices falter, and then our final verdict.

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