Gotham 'Mommy's Little Monster' Review

Holy mother of villains, Batman. Things are getting intense in Gotham. It's like watching an elegant painting being crafted in front of our eyes, and it is glorious. The portrayal of all of these characters descending into madness is a nerdgasm, and it's getting better and better every week.

This week Theo Galavan was appointed mayor, but not before he unleashed Huntress and killed Penguin’s mother in front of the waddling prince of crime. Talk about a backstabbing. No, literally, she stabbed his mother in the back. This was heartbreaking. You have to love to hate Penguin. He's just a small town boy with big time dreams who is slowly but surely losing every little piece of his sanity. We’re watching a train wreck happen is slow motion. With the taste of revenge fresh on his lips, Penguin vows to kill Galavan as he pulls the knife out of his mother’s lifeless body and plunges at Theo. He barely grazes his throat, then jumps out a window to escape before Huntress can off-load a clip into him. 

Sporting a new gash on his throat and a Penguin shaped chip on his shoulder, Galavan’s first order of business as mayor is to declare Marshall Law to find Penguin. Jim Gordon is beginning to understand that Galavan is lying about something. Considering that Jim and Penguin are well acquainted there's no way that Oswald would attack anyone unprovoked. I love the loyalty that Gordon has for his city and the need to do his civic duty to keep it safe. This is the Jim Gordon I grew up with, the one I know and love. Needing to find answers Gordon and Harvey go to find Butch and squeeze out some truth about Galavan kidnapping Penguins mom. Immediately after Victor Zsasz and company, per Penguins orders, shoot up Butch’s hide out. This onslaughts a supreme evening of violence.

We've already established that Penguin is public enemy number one, so obviously it seems like a good idea to go kill Theo Galavan at his celebration party. Penguin dresses up all of his henchmen as himself, they even had his waddle. There was a lot of bloodshed this week. All of these faux Penguins were shot by Gotham PD. The real Penguin gets Gordon and Galavan alone, to no avail. Penguin gets sniped in the chest by Huntress and escapes off into the night. The only thing to come of this whole fiasco is that Galavan now knows that Gordon has his name at the top of his list. 

I was a little bit upset about Silver St. Cloud revealing she is in on Theo Galavan's plan to kill Bruce. I think she could have been used as so much more of a dynamic character if she hadn't known. The scene where she's at Wayne Manor and she threatens Selina Kyle seemed a bit unnecessary too. Poor kitty cat, you're just getting shit on by the entire world. Selina calls Silver a slut, and Bruce promptly tells Selina to go away and never come back. Later Bruce goes to the Galavan's to apologize to Silver, and they share a kiss. 

By far the best part of this episode was watching the full transcendence of the Riddler. Corey Michael Smith deserves an Emmy for this performance. Last week Nygma accidentally killed Ms. Kringle. This week his subconscious hid her body inside of Gotham PD, leaving riddles along the way to find her. This whole bit was shot and edited so well that my mouth was agape with amazement. I am so beyond pumped to see where this goes. 

Here's what's going on. 

  • Penguin is being forced into the underground and he's out for blood,.
  • Edward Nygma no longer exists, it's only the Riddler from here on out. 
  • Selina and Bruce are no longer friends.
  • Jim Gordon knows that Galavan killed Penguin’s mother, but not that killing Bruce is part of the master plan.
  • Silver and Bruce are now an item.
  • Gotham is engulfed by Marshall Law.



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