Heroes: Reborn 'Game Over' Review

When Noah and Quentin finally uncover Renautus' plans, they'll finally have the opportunity to rescue an old ally and save the future. Meanwhile, the Evos, once scattered and lost, are now beginning to find each other in order to exact a greater purpose.


Meeting back with Tommy, we find he's having trouble coping with the recent revelation about his origins, now burdened with more questions than answers. Needing a distraction, he returns to Emily and whisks her away on a quick trip to Paris, but their romantic getaway proves just as trying as anywhere else when they realize the fear and discrimination against Evos is prominent even overseas. Fortunately for Tommy, on a nearby newsstand they find the comic book, 9th Wonders, which is brought back as a plot device to guide him, although it's hard to imagine how. Isaac Mendez, the psychic creator of the series that predicted the exploits of the main characters, dies pretty early into season one. They do mention he had made enough issues to cover most of the following seasons, but there's been such a time gap between then and now, it doesn't seem likely there'd still be enough to catch up to the current point in time.

Noah and Quentin with the captive Harris return to the Renautus compound, this time with the knowledge that they must rescue Noah's old ally, Hiro Nakamura. As they make their way through the lower levels, Miko the Katana Girl materializes wielding the Takezo Kensei saber she had broken into Erica Kravid's house to steal mere hours before. Neither are certain of the other's allegiance, until she mentions she must rescue the Master of Time and Space. Noah, recognizing this as Hiro himself, assures her they have similar goals, and they join forces. Once inside, Noah witnesses firsthand what the technology Renautus has been working on can do when the crew inside teleport away. As it turns out, the question isn't where they went, but when. The device isn't so much a teleporter, as much as a time machine, taking humans to the supposed Evo-less future after the solar flare! This is where things start making more sense: in order to manipulate Hiro's powers in such a way, he needed to be imprisoned somewhere with no time or space, which is where the Evernow game comes into play.

Needing to free Hiro, they leap into action, only to encounter The Shadow brought in to dispose of them. Quentin, however, hellbent on saving his sister from the manipulation of Erica Kravid, met his untimely end beneath the grip of Phoebe's power, unable to get through to her now brainwashed mind. Noah holds the dying Quentin in his arms, gives him a heartfelt, "Good job, buddy", and turns to the Master of Time and Space, now freed from his digital prison. Hiro, always known to abide by the laws of the greater good, rejects Noah's request to take him back in time, claiming it could prove catastrophic. When he explains the end result of their restraint is an impending apocalypse, Hiro agrees and the classic pair reunited return to the Odessa Summit on June 13th, right before the bombing.

Game Over is without a doubt the best episode of this season so far! The epic and long awaited return of Hiro Nakamura aside, this was the most action-packed, suspenseful episode we've had. Finally, they didn't feel the need to bog it down with set-up plots, the very strange Katana Girl storyline was not only explained, but it actually turned our opinion of her and made us care about her involvement, and the new main characters are coming together from their very different walks of life, much in the same way they did in the first season of Heroes. The seeds have been planted and now the real story is coming to fruition. We're just about halfway through the season, so even though everyone's fate is still to be decided, its safe to assume things are about to get really good.


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