Heroes: Reborn 'June 13th- Part I' Review

With Noah and Hiro at the Odessa Summit a year ago, they hope to stop the attack from ever happening and save Claire in the process. Their efforts, however, may be in vain when they discover more to the event than they previously expected.


June 13th- Part I opens with Noah and Hiro arriving in the past to prevent the imminent devastation at the Odessa Unity Summit. Having calculated that there were a total of six bombs detonated at exactly 11:14 am, Noah isn't optimistic they can find them all and disarm them in time. Unwilling to cause any chain reactions and alter too much of the future, Hiro suggests they tread lightly. 

At long last, we finally see Heroes veterans, Dr. Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli. They meet secretly in the outskirts of Odessa in order for Angela to warn him from a psychic vision she had, one where the entire world is devastated by a massive solar flare, as well as the dark plot behind its connection with the Evo community, of which Erica Kravid is at the center. Mohinder, still faithful that Erica has nothing but good intentions, ignores her warning and returns to the summit. Before the keynote speech he had been scheduled to deliver, Erica pulls him aside and tells him he won't be doing so, exactly as Angela had foretold. Mohinder is promptly captured and affixed with a dampening device before being taken away by Harris.

After a near encounter with his past self, Noah is met by Angela who tells him Claire never made it to the summit and was rushed to the local ER. Upon their arrival, they're told by a nurse (who we recognize as Tommy's mother) that Claire had in fact passed away…but they managed to save the babies! While they already knew it was possible they may not have saved Claire in time, the news of her pregnancy came as a shock to everyone. 

In the lower levels of the Primatech complex, Hiro encounters Harris with the captive Suresh. As it turns out, the bombs in question were actually strapped to six Harris clones, all moving into position before the attack. After an unsuccessful battle with the replicants, Hiro decides to freeze time and instantaneously travel to all different versions of the timeline, coming back with nothing but devastation in every one, quoting his trademark, "Too many butterflies." He then returns to Noah, telling him the Odessa bombing can't be stopped, and they need to leave immediately. The only thing left to do is figure out what to do with the twins. Angela knows the babies will eventually become the salvation they seek, but unfortunately, so does Erica Kravid. They needed to hide the children in such a way that they could meet their destiny and stay protected all the while. The only solution: hide them in the past. Powers usually manifest around teenage years, so they plan to leave them in the year 1999, but not before Noah and Angela name their newborn grandchildren. One named Malina, and the other Nathan, who we discover is in fact Tommy!

Part I of June 13th was a mind-blowing event! It was dense with intrigue and answered so many questions that have accumulated over the last few episodes. We finally know how the Odessa bombing came to pass, why Noah had his memory wiped, and most important of all we finally know the mystery origin of "Tommy" and Malina, the two teenage Evos destined to save the world! This episode wasn't just great for building momentum for this particular story, but it gave us the perfect venue to start reintroducing some of the old favorites back into the fold. It almost felt like an episode from the original series, which would brings a tear to the eye of any hardcore fan.


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