Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review

Mario is a talented man. The moustachioed Italian icon has been a plumber, a carpenter, a boxing ref, a fighter, a go-kart racing superstar, an artist, host of the best parties in the Mushroom Kingdom, and a multi-sport athlete. The sport Mario is most familiar with? Tennis, of all things

Mario actually takes tennis very seriously., possibly to an unhealthy degree:

Mario Tennis is the biggest of the “Mario Sports” franchises, and despite its decline in quality, Nintendo has gone with the old standby as their Black Friday representative. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has been chosen to fill the hole left by Star Fox: Zero's delay, as opposed to pushing Xenoblade Chronicles X, to the chagrin of many.

This time around, Matio Tennis: Ultra Smash shows us an old dog can learn new tricks, bringing us online play and a new use for our amiibo buddies. Is that enough to return to form, or should Mario have taken a cue from fellow Italian Flavia Pennetta and called it quits?





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