The Deadly Tower of Monsters Review

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is an isometric adventure game that pokes fun at B-list sci-fi movies from the days of yore. Published by Atlus, the game poses itself as the DVD release of an old movie with a new commentary track. The player assumes control of the leading actors while the director comments on the adventure.

The game plays very similar to top down action games like Diablo or Bastion and while there’s no loot table, different weapons are picked up throughout the linear style gameplay. This B-list sci-fi movie re-release story comes complete with (intentionally) hammy actors, wires holding up flying enemies, and even stop motion dinosaurs. The game runs at a standard frame rate and the dinosaurs actually look like jerky framed claymation. All the while, the director informs the player of what’s going on, often interrupting the (again, intentionally) terrible plot to speed past the reminders of how bad those movies were sometimes.

The comedy aspects of the game are actually pretty great. They were legitimately enjoyable, but the action seemed to bring nothing new to the table. I found myself trekking through the somewhat lackluster gameplay to the next joke in order to keep myself entertained, which is a real shame for the level of humor employed. A silly game that doesn’t take itself too serious with upgrades like “adds 5% damage done with melee/ranged/etc” type upgrades for every level doesn’t seem to mix very well.





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