The Flock Review

What can one say about The Flock? It's certainly dark. It's also certainly another take on capture the flag. Or the flashlight. Well, really it's an artifact. One that attracts the flock of massive, one would assume undead, beasts that want to have the artifact for themselves. The flock uses brute force to kill the carrier after using stealth to approach them. The carrier of the artifact, on the other hand, need only to be aware of their surroundings while shining their artifacts beam at any moving flock. When one of the flock kills the carrier, a sort of small, evolved being, then its their turn to hold the artifact. As the player holds the artifact, their score goes up. Whoever has the most points wins.

The game is set in a seemingly post-apocalyptic environment full of crumbling buildings and petrified flock that were no doubt frozen in place by the carrier wielding the artifact. There are three areas, which have their differences, but really none worth noting as they gameplay really didn't seem to be affected by the environment. It's a dark, foggy, skyless area with no sound other than your own running or screeching. It's three against one lonely carrier. The carrier is slower than the flock, and clearly is the underdog. There's also no advancement to the game. Theres no leveling system, abilities to pick up, or anything else. You are a member of the flock or the carrier with an artifact. The carrier can shine a beam of light. The flock can screech to see where the other members of the flock are on the map and grant them a power and speed buff. They can also place a decoy of themselves to trick the carrier and take the by surprise. The matches last between 5-15 minutes and ends when a player reaches 100 points. There are also strange blue orbs that give the carrier a point boost and something called an objective point. It wasn't clear how the objective points change anything other than the rate that points are earned. That pretty much sums up The Flock.

However, there is one intriguing aspect of The Flock, which seems like a double-edged sword. The game employs a death counter. When that counter reaches 0, a special event occurs. When that special event ends, the game is no longer playable. Sounds interesting enough, except the game isn't free. So you're basically paying for a limited experience.





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