The Legend of Legacy Review

The Legend of Legacy is built for a very niche kind of JRPG fan much like its unofficial predecessor, the SaGa series. Traditionally, when we think of role-playing games, we think of complex characters and engrossing story-lines. Sometimes so much to the point that the narrative can overtake the importance of gameplay. This is not the case with The Legend of Legacy.

You begin the game by picking a protagonist from one of seven different characters, each with a different backstory and explanation of how they ended up on the island of Avalon that the game takes place in. All you really need to know is that the King of Adventures discovered the seemingly uninhabited island of Avalon and it is believed to be the location of the Holy Grail. There are rumors of something (or someone) proclaiming to be a false god, and several of the playable characters are here to investigate or eradicate it. That’s about as far as the narrative goes, as the majority of the moment to moment gameplay is predicated on player exploration and battle. Lots and lots of battle.

In what is generally thought of as a narratologically focused genre, it is refreshing to see a more ludological take in what has become somewhat of a dying breed of video games. It should be noted that The Legend of Legacy is not for everyone, and at times can do its best to alienate some of the most devoted players, with its unrelenting challenge and grind. But it’s unabashedly narrow focus lends itself to be a more addictive experience rather than an emotional one.

Let’s take a look at the positive and negatives of The Legend of Legacy.

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