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Super Mario Maker, Splatoon join Zelda in rumors for NX development

Rumors around Nintendo's upcoming NX console have grown thicker in the last few weeks, whether it's regarding the consoles hardware and components or the games that will be featured on the console at launch.

Latest rumors, supplied by Emily Rogers (via NeoGaf), are suggesting that a couple Wii U games are in development for the NX. These games are as follows: Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. and the upcoming Legend of Zelda.

A couple of these games have been rumored to be NX ports previously. Zelda was rumored to be in development for the NX in February and Super Smash Bros. was rumored to be an NX launch title in January, along with a number of Bandai Namco titles.

Rogers is the individual that previously released a rumor saying that Zelda had been 'confirmed' for both Wii U and NX and that the game could potentially feature a silent protagonist, as well as a choice between a female or male protagonist.

Whether these rumors lend themselves to any truths is unconfirmed by Nintendo. Until then recognize that any (or all) of the rumored NX games could never release for the console and forever remain Wii U titles.


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