Alan Wake DLC free on the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Remedy gave away free copies of the Alan Wake games to those who purchased Quantum Break, and now Remedy and Microsoft have made the DLC for Alan Wake free for everyone.

The two DLC packs for the original Alan Wake game are now free on the Xbox Marketplace, for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Those who purchased Quantum break got the full Alan Wake experience with all the DLC included, but now faithful fans and everyone who never bothered to buy the DLC packs can get their hands on both The Signal and The Writer without spending a dime.

Alan Wake and the two DLC packs can be played both on Xbox 360, where they originally came out, and on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

You can download the the DLC packs via the following links: 

Alan Wake: The Signal – Xbox One / Xbox 360

Alan Wake: The Writer – Xbox One / Xbox 360


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