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Official SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub Emulator coming to Steam

SEGA is adding a major update to their MEGA Drive Classics collection on Steam; a virtual hub, reminiscent of a 90's bedroom where players can relive classic titles in a setting they grew up in. The environment comes complete with dynamic time-of-day conditions, retro SEGA paraphernalia, a shelf full of MEGA Drive games (including the ones you own) and a virtual CRT TV that you will actually play the games on.

SEGA has also announced that they are releasing mod support for their Genesis titles on Steam, though details on that are currently scare. SEGA's Community Manager, Dan Sheridan said via Twitter that the company will be releasing more details on that next week.

If you currently own any SEGA Mega Drive games on Steam, you will get the hub for free.

Source: [SEGA Europe]


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