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Halo 5: Ghosts of Meridian maps revealed

343 Industries pulled back the curtains on a brand new free content update for Halo 5: Guardians. Two new multiplayer maps called Tyrant and Skirmish at Darkstar will be available for free sometime in April and look to add a fresh spin to an already fantastic set of maps.

In talking with Gamespot, Developer 343 Industries went into some of the more intimate details about each map; offering tips and strategies for succeeding at each one. Let's take a look at the details of each one. 

Skirmish at Darkstar

Skirmish at Darkstar is the game's new Warzone map, and also the smallest in the category. The map also changes things up for the player, according to 343 studio head Josh Holmes. He said:

For Skirmish at Darkstar we have a new intro experience where players are dropped into the middle of the action. Both teams have a clear objective that creates confrontation from the beginning

Like in the campaign, Promethean enemies will hijack UNSC vehicles and use them against the player. The developer is assuring players that the map will be balanced in such a way that includes alternate paths for safe on foot travel.


Tyrant is a small scale map that has been optimized for the Assault and Capture the Flag game modes. It too emphasizes small scale conflicts, but also is sure to be a favorite for sniper players. The blue and red bases on the map will provide good lines of sight for snipers, but close quarters players will still be able to wreck havoc if they find the hidden Scattershot. 

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